6th grade happyo sheet: live/ES/treasure/usually

This is a worksheet to help practice the phrases to be studied in the 2nd unit of the 6th grade ES text book called New Horizon

This is a worksheet that covers the main points of Unit 2 of the 6th grade text book. The students have to learn about theses phrases: 1) I live in _____ 2) I go to ___ ES. 3) My treasure is my_____ and 4) I usually______on Sundays. You can use this any way that you like. For me at the schools I used it at, we covered these topics in the first lessons and the students were familiar with the sentences. Writing about where you live and what school you go to is easy enough. For the treasure sentence: at one school we did it about serious stuff (my family, my friends, air) and at another school we let the students choose anything as a treasure. For Sentence #4 we first went through the phrases on the second page, I mean they repeated after me in English and we made sure they understood the meaning. In the circles for each phrase the students wrote a or u or s or n. These letters showed the frequency that they did these actions. No. 23 is empty but there are four lines under it with a space to write a phrase that the student does but is not on the list.
Having done the "a or u or s or n" part the students should choose a phrase to write in for No. 4 on the first page.
With the completed sheet you can get the students to make presentations.

Submitted by Furachan June 2, 2023 Estimated time: Over 15 minutes....
  1. ChetBorneo June 2, 2023

    Not sure why but the layout of this is completely messed up when I open it on my laptop.

  2. Bonjure289 June 2, 2023

    Same with mine.

  3. Furachan July 6, 2023

    I put it on as a PDF, hopefully that has a better shape. Have no idea why it is messy except that maybe there is too much stuff on it...

  4. ChetBorneo July 7, 2023

    Thanks very much!

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