🌱Let's make your pencil case! ✏️📐4th grade

🤝Students make pairs and create their own pencil case, using the stationery they want. 👬Then their friend tries to recreate the same pencil case. This is a scratch game!

This is a Scratch game! 👾


-Student's computer 💻
-QR code reader

Do you have a...? ✏️

In pairs students do rock, scissors, paper.

The students face each other without showing her/his computer to the other student.

The winner makes her/his own customized pencil case, dragging the stationary they want from the options.

(We give them max 2 minutes to choose)

Then the other student starts asking:

  • Do you have a...?
  • How many?

And has to recreate the other students pencil case.

This is the link 👇⬇️

I appreciate your comments or ideas to make this game more fun for the students! 💛🙏

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    Submitted by Linda November 28, 2023 Estimated time: 5-8 minutes
    1. ShabuShabu December 22, 2023

      Thank you for this activity. My students had a great time

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