Phonics Review (+LessonPlan)

Review of phonics for students and classes who are still struggling with sounds and letters. Includes a quick review and worksheet with games.

My junior high school 1年生 are still struggling with sounding out words so I was asked to prepare something for them to review. This is a very basic overview like "A is for apple, aa aa apple" that do not include morphemes for more complex phonics rules like "bossy E" or "ing". Can be used for a variety of classes, especially older elementary school and special needs. Enjoy!

REQUIRED: at least 2 flyswatters. You can write the letters on the blackboard or make cards like I did. Writing is way easier, though.

Powerpoint includes phonetic alphabet as well as slides to accompany the attached worksheet. I will put a very basic lesson plan for this below:

After your daily あいさつ:
1. REVIEW Alphabet phonics, point out the different sounds between 1 letter when applicable. (ex: A is for Aapple, A is for Ahrt...)
2. Pass out the worksheet
3. Students will choose 16 letters to make their bingo sheet. You will call out the SOUNDS and not the letters, and students will cross it out. Whatever sound you choose to make is up to you :D I vary them between classes. Students can count and be proud of how many bingos they got once you're finished.
4. Do the second part of the worksheet, which is calling out a word and putting emphasis on the missing letters. Students will fill in the letter based on what they hear. The answers are in the Powerpoint (make sure to look at the _ _ _ ones before starting!). They can count how many they got right in the end. Students who listened carefully are English masters B)
5. Finish by playing flyswatter! - Half of the class will face the other half, students will get in lie and change hands after every turn. It's more fun to keep score with your JTE on either sides of the blackboard, then play until the bell rings.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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    Submitted by meatydog April 26, 2024 Estimated time: ~30 minutes
    1. Shyne07 May 14, 2024

      This is wonderful. I was thinking of what phonetics lesson plan I could use to tide me throughout my upcoming class and I came across this. I'll definitely use it. Thank you for the time and creativity you used to come up with this.

    2. meatydog May 15, 2024

      @Shyne07 Thank you for your sweet comment! I hope your students enjoy it :D

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