🐍 Snake Game (10+ PDFs!)

Snake game boards for Elementary school based on the Let's Try and New Horizons textbooks. Enjoy!


-Students work in pairs. (If there is an odd number of students a teacher should be paired up with one student.)

-One student starts on the left end of the board (the snakes tail) and the other student starts on the right (the snakes head). Their goal is to reach the other side of the board.

-Both students point to each vocabulary word and read aloud as they make their way to the other side of the board. (They read at the same time, often continuing on to the next word at different rates of speed). Once students meet somewhere in the middle, they play rock-paper-scissors. The winner of rock-paper-scissors will continue making their way across the board, the loser must go back to their starting point and begin again. Whoever makes it to the other side first is the winner.


-Regardless of a students reading speed they will usually restart at least once during the game due to the rock-paper-scissors element, this makes it a good game for vocab practice.

-It is important that students are encouraged to read clearly rather than too-quickly. And the game shouldnt be done too early in the Unit because everyone must be relatively comfortable with the vocabulary.

-I recommend having the students pair up with the person next to them to avoid any drama.

-I recommend displaying the pdf version on your TV/projector to demo the game with your teacher and to practice the words before letting students begin.

-I recommend laminating the boards so you may use them many times.

  1. meatydog June 17, 2024

    This is so funny! Thanks for the idea :D

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