English Conversation Board Game

A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

About the Board Game

I made a conversation board game similar to the ones teachers often use here in Japan. It's great at getting the students to talk with each other, especially for classes that tend to be quiet. It's bright, colorful, and high quality, which I hope will make students excited the moment they see it. It was originally made for 2nd year middle schoolers, but you can easily modify it to make it work for any age group. I've attached it in 3 formats (Word, PDF, PNG). Feel free to edit them in any way you'd like to fit the needs of your class.

Required Items

  • The board game
  • Dice
  • Pieces for each player (have students use erasers if you don't have any)

The Rules

  • Have the students take turns rolling a die and moving forward accordingly. For most squares, they simply answer the question written on the square. For a few special squares, they must do whatever action it says to do.

Suggestions and Cautions

  • Because this board game is already played in many schools here in Japan, you don't have to explain much. I would however recommend going very briefly over the special squares (Roll again, boys forward 1, girls forward 1, make a funny face, etc.)
  • Keep in mind that the page size used in the word document is A3, so make sure to print in A3 size.
  • Use the big squishy dice that you can buy at a 100 yen store. The kids love them. Even the high schoolers.
  • Feel free to change any questions to suit the needs of your class.
  • The BOYS/GIRLS FORWARD 1 squares mean that all participating boys or girls must move their pieces forward one space.
  • The BOYS/GIRLS BACK 1 squares mean that all participating boys or girls must move their pieces back one space.
Small files
  • Conversation Board Game.pdf (297 KB)
  • Conversation Board Game.png (523 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Conversation Board Game.docx (1.29 MB)
    1. chacha April 8, 2022

      Hi! Thank you for the board game! Though I haven't had the chance to use it, I use your board game's lay out and change the questions to Can you _____? Yes, I can-No, I can't topic. Thank you so much!

    2. tinasets October 31, 2023

      Hi! Thank you for this fun and colorful board game. I'm using it to make a conversation with my students during lunch break. Thank you so much!! big help. :)

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