What is ~~ doing? Worksheet for "Park Life"

A worksheet to accommodate UonumaRobert's Park Life poster, which has a picture of people doing a variety of things at a park.

This activity goes with UonumaRobert's Park Life poster:
This worksheet lets students review present tense, present progressive, and the present progressive questions (Is ~~ playing basketball? / What is ~~ doing?)

Print out the poster from the link above without names on it, and write numbers next to each character (including the animals). Make enough copies for 9 groups (2 copies per group worked well for me).

WS, Part 1
1. Tell the students to fold the paper along the line/cityscape that way they are only looking at Part 1.
2. Read each hint aloud to check for understanding.
3. Students have to use the hints in the box to figure out which character is which. Below the hint box, there is room for them to write the number of the character next to that character's name.
4. The first group to write all the numbers next to the names are the winners for Part 1. Give them stickers/a prize. Once the first group finishes, write the answers on the board for the slower groups to copy (this saves time for the next activity).

WS, Part 2
1. Now that the students know which character is which, they have to read the questions about the characters and write the answer, or they have to read the answers and write the question.
2. The first group to finish wins, or the group that writes the most by the end of the class wins.

**Note: you may have to teach the words 'fighting' and 'wearing'.

Submitted by rebvandev January 28, 2020 Estimated time: 35-40 minutes
Inspired by Park Life and others
  1. UonumaRobert January 28, 2020

    Nice reading excerise. I like that you do your worksheets as powerpoints. Must make it easier to demonstrate how to do them.

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