Splatoon - Sniper Shot ᔦꙬᔨ

A simple game where students try to figure out what the word, picture, or sentence is by looking through a sniper scope.


- Uploaded Splatoon font for users to install and use


  • As per request, there's now a "challenge" slide to tell the students that it's time for a slightly increased difficulty.

How to Play (TL;DR):

(For a more detailed explanation, please look at NOTES in the PPTX file)
- Together as a class (or in groups), they must pay close attention to what’s being shown on the screen
- [OPTIONAL] If there’s a worksheet, before revealing the answer, students must write the answer down
- Show answer and students repeat the target sentence (and question) after you
- Rinse&repeat


  • This activity was inspired by OmniBligh’s Spotlight Challenge
  • To adjust the difficulty to how you want it, you can modify the scope’s animation, size, and duration (speed)
  • To make it more fun/challenging you can pixelate the picture, I use this site:
  • Can be used as a warmup or to review pretty much anything you want, you can take a look at the PPT notes for ideas
  • This activity works great for counting things/guess the picture
  • I used Canva to edit the video
Small files
  • [FONT] (20.8 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Splatoon - Sniper Shot.pptx (24.6 MB)
  • Splatoon - Sniper Shot v2.pptx (28.2 MB)
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    Submitted by unoplusunoistu April 1, 2024 Estimated time: 10 mins~
    1. akitaallt April 2, 2024

      This looks amazing! I LOVE the video. I think this would be too easy for my SHS kids. Maybe add ES or JHS tags! It's sometimes tricky to find it otherwise

    2. unoplusunoistu April 2, 2024

      @akitaallt Thank you :')
      No worries, I just added the tags!

    3. MRDaniels1980 April 19, 2024

      I love this so much. There are many students who like Splatoon, and I think this will keep them entertained. In 1st year New Crown, they have a counting lesson. I think this will be great to use since students can count items pretty quickly. I only wish the Splatoon characters could speak to the students a little more. Like an intermission or maybe they can mention its time for hard mode or something. Any way I can add another video slide so they can introduce hard mode?

    4. unoplusunoistu April 19, 2024

      @MrDaniels1980 I'm glad to hear that! You can duplicate the "Are you ready?" slide and then change the text to something like "It's time for hard mode!", "Challenge mode time!", etc.
      If you want a video similar to what I did in Slide 2. I'm more than happy to make one the next time I'm free, but I can't guarantee anything.
      Please let me know if that's something you want :)

    5. unoplusunoistu April 19, 2024

      I got bored and I ended up making one right away.
      It's now uploaded, please let me know what you think.

    6. MRDaniels1980 April 23, 2024

      You rock!!! I didn't expect you to make one so quickly. I am looking forward to using this.
      Thank you so much!!! I give you an award!!! Or at least, your on my vote for one of the best powerpoints. Good stuff!

    7. aggro crag May 9, 2024

      I can not edit the questions, nor delete the text box.

    8. unoplusunoistu May 9, 2024

      @aggro_crag Have you tried enabling save? You'll need go to File > Info. Select Protect document. Select Enable Editing.
      If that's already enabled, then I think the issue you're having is because of the sniper scope being in the way.
      Go to home > Under Editing, click on Select > Select Selection Pane > Look for and select Sniper Scope and hide it.
      When you're done editing the text. Unhide the Sniper Scope to make it appear again.

    9. aggro crag May 9, 2024

      I redownloaded it and turned off the fonts, i believe. the windows based computer i use is in japanese so I don't know exactly what the prompt was asking. It works, but does not look as nice.

    10. unoplusunoistu May 9, 2024

      @aggro_crag Hmm... I'm not sure. I embedded all the fonts so that way you don't have to download and install them.
      If you can't change or move anything in the PPT then that means that you'll need to enable editing.

    11. PriscilaMurari May 28, 2024

      The scope doesn't appear... the slide is black.

    12. hamauni May 28, 2024

      @unoplusunoitsu when you embed fonts into a powerpoint it makes it uneditable. You get a pop up saying to be able to edit the powerpoint you have to remove the fonts, so it's unfortunately not an easy way for people to not have to download fonts

    13. hamauni May 28, 2024

      Can you share the version you used in class as well?

    14. unoplusunoistu May 28, 2024

      @PriscilaMurari For which slides?
      The scope is should be there. You'll just have to zoom out quite a lot for it to be visible.

    15. unoplusunoistu May 28, 2024

      @hamauni I'm not too entirely sure why that is happening. Did you click enable editing in File > Info?
      I checked the PPT and it definitely has it "Embed all characters" (best for editing for other people) so I don't understand why that wouldn't allow anyone to edit it lol
      It could also be that the fonts are copyrighted? I have now uploaded the splatoon fonts so that way you can install it yourself.

    16. hamauni June 5, 2024

      @unoplusunoitsu it's a popup you get as soon as you open the file, it only gives you two options: open the powerpoint with the font but you cant edit, or remove the fonts and have the ability to edit. Yeah it could be an issue with the font itself, thanks for uploading it!

      Could you also share the version of this game you've used in class?

    17. unoplusunoistu June 11, 2024

      @hamauni It might be due to licensing. if you download and install the fonts that should rectify that for you. If that still doesn't work, I'm not quite sure what else you can do.
      And sure! I have made one for a 1st grader class, I'll upload it when I make some more adjustments to it.

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