Whose is this? Quiz

A quiz intro quiz on "whose" for JHS 1

A really simple 7 question quiz showing various examples how to use and answer "Whose" questions. We are using the New Horizons books.

We used this as an example for showing the students what they were going to do on their tablets for their presentations. It's not hard for them to guess the character stuff - but I did throw in Nobunaga's crest and Arale's poop for fun!

It shows examples of "Whose ~ is this?" "This is ~ 's." / "It's ~ 's." and "Whose ~ are these?" "They are ~ 's."

We whipped through this in about 10~15mins while reviewing the grammar again, confirming that they understood.

After that we wrote the example sentences on the board for the two slides they would create on their tablets - gave them about 20 mins to create their own quiz on whatever they wanted and for the last few mins of class we chose random students quizzes to show everyone.

Submitted by shinjirarenai November 11, 2021 Estimated time: 10~15mins
  1. ohnoko November 26, 2021

    Great idea to have students make their own quizzes!

  2. shinjirarenai February 3, 2022

    Definitely more fun to have them guess each others quizzes!

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