Christmas 2021 (FOOD quiz and MUSIC quiz)

Yum yum yum!

First do the music quiz.
Read the lyrics and let them listen twice! Then reveal the answers.

Next, food quiz!
Explain that food is really important and that each celebrating country eat special foods!

There are a couple slides about British Xmas too. Nothing too detailed!

Enjoy and happy holidays!

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    Submitted by nachonaz December 15, 2021 Estimated time: 35 mins
    1. wyxhime December 16, 2021

      my students really loved the original where is it eaten quiz, theyre gonna love the xmas version! thank you for this!!

    2. IRE4EVA December 16, 2021

      This PowerPoint is amazing and well made! My 5th and 6th graders love music so this is perfect for them. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    3. nachonaz December 16, 2021

      I just tried it out with my students today, they enjoyed it! Love that food is what brings us all together! Merry Christmas!!!

    4. mykolos December 17, 2021

      Awesome activity! My JHS first year kids loved it. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2022!

    5. nachonaz December 23, 2021

      Glad it went well! Happy holidays and yes, best wishes for 2022!!

    6. ryninhiroshima December 19, 2023

      My HS 3rd years loved the food quiz! I was surprised how well some of them did. Thanks for the activity!

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