Halloween PowerPoint and Quiz

The PowerPoint outlines the purpose and history of Halloween, popular costumes around the world and activities associated with Halloween.

The PowerPoint includes information about:

Purpose and history of Halloween.
Pictures and types of popular Halloween costumes around the world.
Activities done during Halloween
Information on how Halloween is celebrated in your country (Jamaica).

At the end of the PowerPoint instruct the class to create groups of 6 or 7 depending on the class size.
Allow them to come up with Halloween related Group Names.
ALT will ask questions (in the PPT) and the first group to raise their hands and answer correctly will win points
ALT can create a score chart on the board, write group names and keep record of points.

Activity 1: After the game, distribute the Quiz which are the same questions done in the game. Allow students to write answers on the paper.
Activity 2: On the back of the paper there is an Incomplete Halloween Story. Students will use the new vocabulary to complete the story

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    Submitted by ashgalethia October 21, 2022 Estimated time: 50 minutes
    1. philiptsmithii October 21, 2022

      This is amazing! Thank you so much! This is pretty much EXACTLY what my JTE asked for. I made some small edits (I changed the regional slide to reflect my own region) but this is a gorgeous powerpoint. Ostukare sama deshita!!!

      A good change for lower level students might be to fill in the rest of the time with a word search rather than a quiz that rehashes the game, and maybe play classic Halloween songs (Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, etc) on a speaker in the background? Amazing job either way!!!

    2. Sciander October 24, 2022

      The powerpoint is great. One change, Hallowe'en is all hallows' eve, all hallows' day is November 1st.

    3. kirbystar October 24, 2022

      Great powerpoint! Super handy incase any of my teachers want a spontaneous Halloween activity! :)

    4. idotherock October 25, 2022

      Nice powerpoint with some nice info! On top of the change suggested by Sciander above I would also like to point out that "What people do today?" should be "What do people do today?", " Which 3 countries did Halloween start?" should be "In which 3 countries did Halloween start?" and "What is the name of the Celts festival that started Halloween?" should be "What is the name of the Celtic festival that started Halloween?"

    5. VinShida October 28, 2022

      Nice powerpoint. I also noticed the All Hallow's Day mistake that Sciander and idotherock mentioned. All Hallow's Eve's "Hallow's Eve" turned into "Halloween" I'm guessing because it sounds similar.

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