Where is the post office? Directions game

Simple directions game. Click the buttons to take the "player" to where he needs to go!

This is a simple web game I made to get the students practicing giving and receiving directions.
It is my first attempt at anything like this and is a work in progress, so all feedback is welcome and I hope that someone will find some use for it!

Find it here;

I have used this as a
class room activity with one pc
each student using their own chromebooks
as a pair activity with students using one chromebook between two

The sentence displays the current "goal" for us to take the character/player to.
Using the buttons, or the arrow keys, you can move the player around the town. If you move into the wrong building the scene will reset. If you get him where he needs to go, a star and congratulations message will display shortly. Then the fun begins again, this time with a new destination and starting position!

As a class we displayed it for all to see and had the students repeat the sentence and then give the required directions. The HRT or a volunteer would listen along and input the directions.
This can be done solo obviously but then the student is only reading the sentence and the English input and output is minimal.

There is also a sort of two player mode.
If you click on a building at any point then that will become the new destination.
However the sentance will change only showing;
"Where is the _____?"
This leads to a situation where we can have the "player" close his eyes while the partner (or class) picks a destination. Then the player has to listen carefully to the directions in order to get to the newly chosen unknown destination.

I have only used this a few times in class but the students seemed to enjoy playing around with it, as well as the challenge of listening to the instructions in English to get to the goal.

I have also created a school version for 4th grade, it is linked in the inspired section.

Shout out to Aurora Edutainment and earthiverse. Those guys make amazing games that I have used many times in class and were certainly a huge inspiration in my humble attempt.
And I cannot leave out the great and powerful UonumaRobert. Your powerpoints and activities are amazing and have led to wonderful lessons for me over the years.
Thanks to you guys and of course Jake and Colin.
This site and the community is amazing!


Submitted by Matthew November 9, 2022 Estimated time: 10~30 minutes depending on use case.
Inspired by Gehn's Labyrinth
  1. Caila December 12, 2022

    Oh my gosh. This is is genius! Thank you so much for helping this. It’s a first for me to teach JHS for the whole year so this one helped me a lot. God bless you!

  2. kiboper January 16, 2023

    epic .Thanks

  3. Matthew February 3, 2023

    Hey! Super glad that it has been of some use.
    It is my pleasure!

  4. thenamelessone February 9, 2023

    Fantastic game! Unfortunately though it seems github is blocked on the student's computers. Anyway around this?

  5. MinamiCat February 10, 2023

    Wonderful game!! Thanks so much! This will be perfect for my special ed class!

  6. Tybol October 18, 2023

    Thank you very much! My kids loved playing with this!

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