Where is Kirby? Let's Try 2 Unit 8

simple warm-up game to review the different places/rooms in the school.

This activity is inspired by Roselledesigns' "Where is Pikachu? School Pokemon Hunt

Activity Flow

Review Vocabs
Practice Target Language
- "Where is Kirby?"
- "Kirby is in the (room)." or "In the (room)."
Group students into 6 teams.
Each team should choose one room.
The team with the most score wins.

When asking each team to choose a room, ask other teams to say "Where is Kirby?" and the team to choose will answer, "Kirby is in the (room)." before clicking the photo.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Where is Kirby.pptx (7.34 MB)
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    Submitted by okayer January 12, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 mins.
    1. mistaB January 13, 2023

      I think you forgot to upload the file.

    2. Bonjure289 January 13, 2023

      Should there be a Powerpoint attached?

    3. okayer January 13, 2023

      just updated it.

    4. AsakawaSune January 13, 2023

      @Bonjure289 The PowerPoint is the game, students choose from the options on the slide, then the teacher clicks their chosen option to reveal whether they get points, a trap or if Kirby is there.

      Great game! I'll definitely use this if I can!

    5. Bonjure289 January 13, 2023

      @AsakawaSune Yeah, I know haha, there was nothing attached earlier, that is why I said that. But it's there now sot it's all good!

    6. literarysquirrel4 January 10, 2024

      Very fun and creative!! Will definitely be using soon! :-)

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