Shall I Shopping

Students practice "Shall I show you...." while role playing shopping for clothes.

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  • Students should make 5 groups of 4 students. 1 group will be the sales people. The other groups are the customers. One person from the sales people group will sit at each table (4 tables or groups of desks total). They will recieve clothing cards. Each salesperson has a different selection of items, so students will have to shop around to find the items they need.
  • The customer groups will each get a shopping list.
  • One person from each group will go to the sales tables and buy 1 item from the shopping list. It must be the correct size and color. They have to do the model conversation to buy their item.
  • The first group to buy all of their items is the winner.


  • You could then have the winning group become the salespeople and play once more. This would probably make the activity take up the whole lesson.


  • This activity needs to be demonstrated very thoroughly before playing, or students will be confused and it will turn into chaos. I recommend using you and the JTE to show what the "shoppers" must do and how after one person gets an item, it's the next person in the group's turn to shop. Have the "salespeople" group perform their role as they will in the game.


  • This is form New Horizon second grade, Speak Plus 4 pg 80-81.
  • The clothing cards are not colored, so when you print them you need to color them in.
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    Submitted by Englipedia Archive March 15, 2019 Estimated time: 20-30 min
    1. bscott February 12, 2021

      Are the files for the cards for this activity available?

    2. Jake the Admin February 26, 2021

      Sorry about that! I think I've dug up the right file and attached it!

    3. vozreni December 13, 2021

      Just did this with a few classes at 2 different schools and it worked like a charm! We have 40 kids per class so I just printed everything double and it worked just fine (the students don't know which shops are the doubles). Turning the 2 winning teams into the next shops made it last exactly the whole lesson.

    4. sophie February 22, 2023

      This is an awesome activity! It's really hard to think of ideas for that grammar point, so this was a life-saver! My students had a lot of fun with it :)

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