SDGs - New Crown 3: Get Plus 2

This lesson is meant to cover New Crown 3 GET +2 "If I were you..." and also enriches the lesson by providing a challenging activity where students write about and discuss SDGs in English!

Have you ever been planning for GET +2 in New Crown 3 and thought, "Wow, some of the vocabulary I'm supposed to be introducing has absolutely nothing to do with the textbook dialogue! It starts with : give her some flowers, make her a birthday cake, tell him the story...... then, suddenly: clean energy, gender equality, human rights. How do I teach these all at once????" I have a solution for you! Well, it turns out many junior high san-nensei students have background knowledge about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals, produced by the UN to improve the world by 2030) from social studies, and this is the perfect lesson to discuss them in English.

  1. The lesson begins with a warm-up reviewing prior lessons.
  2. The ALT and the JTE introduce the textbook dialogue and new vocabulary.
  3. Students practice the textbook dialogue in pairs.
  4. Then we switch gears and introduce SDGs and the vocabulary related to them from the textbook.
  5. Students choose their favorite SDG and write about why they want to improve this SDG. (For steps 4 and 5 we allowed students to use their laptops or Ipads for research and to look up words.)
  6. Students swap papers with a partner and write advice to them about how to help with their SDG.
  7. Students read their replies together.

This lesson was a bit involved, and it took two periods, but it was really worthwhile! It is so cool to see which SDGs are most important for students and for them to use English to discuss important global topics.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
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  • 3 GET Plus 2 Worksheet.pptx (1.58 MB)
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    Submitted by janeenmp March 24, 2023 Estimated time: 2 class periods

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