Fun trivia activity (What's this?)

A short and fun mini-trivia activity that includes many random things related to Japan as well as funny tricky items that hopefully leave the students laughing. (Blue Sky 1 - Target 4)

Concentration: speaking, listening, and reading practice.
Materials required: none.

Step-by-step process:
- Start by practicing the simple phrases used in the conversation target: "What is this? /What's this? , It is a ___. / It's a ___., No, it is not. / No, it isn't., Yes, it is."

  • Explain how the game works with the second slide example. Mention to them that you'll be asking the question, "What's this?", and also mention that there will be hints. It is up to the teacher or ALT if they want the students to repeat the hints as well or just answer the question. (Note that depending on the time limit or prize incentive, you can also make the students answer all together or just make one student answer the question.)

  • Use the answer slide to make them read the answers, or teachers can also read the answers as well.

  • The last 2 trivia questions are for fun and laughs; make sure to let them read the hints carefully so they can guess accurately.

Enjoy and have fun teaching! - Arannasensei

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Target 4 - What is this with animation.pptx (18.1 MB)
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    Submitted by Arannasensei May 29, 2023 Estimated time: 10 to 20 minutes~
    1. juliejuls May 31, 2023

      I keep using this in my classes, all of them love it! THANK YOU!

    2. Arannasensei September 12, 2023

      Youre welcome!! I am glad they loved it!!

    3. Rin21 February 5, 2024

      very cute.

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