He/She can~ 3 hint quiz

A 3 hint quiz style guessing game to practice "He/She can ~ ". Made for New Horizon Elementary 5 unit 4

I made this Guess Who inspired game to practice He/She can with my fifth graders, and they really enjoyed it! My class hasn't practiced the question form yet (Can she/he ~?) so we played it as a 3 hint quiz guessing game, but if you want to practice questions than you could easily play it with the same rules as Guess Who.

Print out double the amount of sheets as you plan to have groups (eg if you want 8 groups, make 16 prints)
Cut half of the prints into cards so that each group gets 1 set of cards.
For demonstrating with the teacher, I put the ppt file up on the electronic blackboard, but if your classroom doesn't have one, or a projector, its a good idea to make an A3 copy of the print to put on the board so the kids can see.

How to play:
1. Demonstrate with the teacher. Take a small card and make a show of hiding it from the teacher. Give them one hint that matches your card (eg. She can play the piano) and have them guess (Is she Shiori?). If they get it wrong, keep giving more hints until they choose the right person.
2. Split the class into groups and give each group a print and a set of cards.
3. One person from each group takes a card and gives hints, the rest of the group tries to guess who is on their card.
4. When the group guesses successfully, a new person takes a card and starts giving hints.
If you want to play the Guess Who version, in step 3, rather than the person holding the card giving hints, the other group members will ask questions to narrow it down (eg. Can she cook well?) until they can guess the right person.

My classes had enough fun just playing the guessing game, but you could play for points if you wanted to. Eg. If you guess right after 1 hint you get 3 points, 2 points after 2 hints etc.

Small files
  • She,He can 3 hint quiz.pdf (500 KB)
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  • She,He can....pptx (1.3 MB)
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    Submitted by Niamh September 7, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
    1. Jed101 November 16, 2023

      this is great thanks

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