Human Bingo (Do you wish you could~)

A speaking challenge activity that will help the students practice "I wish~" phrases which includes fun and random phrases options (Blue Sky 3 - Target 18)

Concentration: speaking, listening, writing, and reading practice.
Materials required: printouts (downloadable below), TV/projector for practice sentences.

Step-by-step process:
• Start by handing out the bingo printout sheets to the students. (downloadable file available below)
• Use the powerpoint (downloadable), to practice speaking the phrases that the students will use to ask their friends later on.
• Do a practice dialog or explain the model dialog that they will need to model.
• The students should fill up and write the answers of their partner in the worksheet.
• Once everyone is prepared and also ready, you may proceed to let them stand and ask questions from their friends.

Layout question example:


A: "Do you wish you could talk to cats or talk to birds?"
B: "I wish I could talk to cats."

Enjoy and have fun teaching! - Arannasensei

Submitted by Arannasensei October 3, 2023 Estimated time: 20 to 30 minutes~

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