Better/Best ( Splatoon Splatfest )

Which do you like better? Do you like it the best of all ~?

I have two versions of this worksheet. One is a Splatoon themed one, and only focuses on "better"--probably better for lower level classes. One is not themed, but also includes "best"--I prefer this one.

Preparation: print the worksheet. Print and cut the cards--students should only have to glue one piece of paper onto their worksheet.

Assuming students are familiar with the grammar:
1. (Demonstrate the activity with the JTE before giving out the materials)
2. Students will get one worksheet, and one theme card. You can hand them out randomly, or lay them out and let students choose.
3. Ask students to stick their card on their worksheet.
4. For more fun, you can ask students to predict which they think will be more popular. Make them mark it on their paper somewhere.
5. I told students to fold their paper to hide the tally box, because many interviewees will look at the current tally, or at the predicted winner, and it'll influence their answer.
6. Before the activity, you can walk the room and get students to repeat after you while you look at peoples themes "Which do you like better, Pocky or Pretz" etc. Try to find the students with the more difficult ones and get the whole class to repeat them.
7. After students understand what to do, get them to walk the room and do as many interviews as possible and tally their results. You can run it for a while. Well behaved classes were able to interview everyone.
8. Afterwards, you can check survey results, and see who predicted correctly.
9. Small writing activity at the bottom of the worksheet.

Unfortunately Splatoon has died out of popularity a bit, and I don't think Fortnite does anything like this...
Check/change the cards before you use them because I put a regional restaurant in there.

Small files
  • Which do you like better Do you like it the best.pptx (442 KB)
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