Find Someone Who (Adult English Activity)

A BINGO game for adult English learners (non-English teachers at school) to ask questions and learn about each other.

This is an activity I did as an "English Juku" with all the homeroom teachers at my elementary school. Everyone had a nice time with it and gave it their best shot!

It involves some grammar that some teachers may not know, so you can practice it with them/remove it, depending on your situation.

This can be used as a “getting to know you” game, or a game to practice asking questions for an established group.

Target Grammar:
- Do you like OOO?
- Can you OOO?
- Are you OOO?
- Do you OOO?
- Do you have OOO?

- BINGO card

Basic Instructions (detailed lesson plan below):
Everyone moves around the room and ask questions based on their BINGO card. If the answerer answers “yes”, then the asker can circle the box. Shout “BINGO” if they get a row.
This involves some new vocabulary, so you can adjust it based on their level. You may also have to review the grammar if the teachers don’t know.

- Adjust BINGOs as needed
- Print BINGO cards

Lesson Plan (10 minutes):
1. Give everyone their BINGO card
2. Show an example conversation between yourself and a student, or yourself and a fellow teacher.
3. (If needed): Write the target grammar on the board and review pronunciation and meaning.
4. Let everyone walk around the room and ask each other questions. If someone gets five in a row, they can shout “BINGO!”.
5. After the lesson, check how many BINGOs everyone got.

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    Submitted by IsobelF March 7, 2024 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

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