Are you? Do you? Can you? Jeopardy

Follows New Horizon 1 Unit 1. Students create "Are you? Do you? Can you?" questions while playing jeopardy.

This game is exactly like jeopardy. For most of the categories, the students will read a statement and create a question to match.

For example:

Statement: "No, I can't swim."

Question students write: "Can you swim?"

One section allows the students to create questions on their own.

For example:

Statement: "Yes, I am."

Question students can write: "Are you from America?"

Students should be split into teams. Each team should have a board to write down their questions. A time limit can be added to make the game progress quicker.

If the html link doesn't work, this one might:

*I used vocab directly from Unit 1 for the 500 point questions (so, just, every, fan...). Words like "chess" may have to be explained, but they should know the vocabulary used on the board otherwise.

Update: I played Jeopardy with my 7th graders today as review, and they did super well and had fun. I gave out zero points for incorrect spelling or really close answers, negative for wrong answers, and positive for correct answers. They got the hang of it really quickly. At first, however, it started out a bit slow as they wanted to choose all the harder questions for more points. I also accepted answers that could also work as questions for the statements. They were able to get through over half the board in 40 mins.

Submitted by rileyrj42 April 23, 2024 Estimated time: 40-50 mins
  1. KeiT04 May 17, 2024

    This is fantastic! JTE came to me for a last minute activity and this will work perfectly!

  2. rileyrj42 May 20, 2024

    Yay! I'm so glad it was helpful!

  3. Mullberry June 19, 2024

    Could you maybe download the file another way? My computer doesn't want to work with an HTML file

  4. audaciousfool June 24, 2024

    ^^^ agreed - I can't open the HTML file either

  5. rileyrj42 July 4, 2024

    Maybe this link will work?

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