Activities posted by altirasuto

  • Present Perfect Review Worksheet

    Review all types of present perfect by writing sentences to match the pictures.

  • My Future, My Dream Find your Team Game

    Students practice asking and answering questions covered in Unit 8 of the New Horizon Elementary 6.

  • Who am I? Zodiac Animals Quiz

    Simple quiz to practice Who am I?, zodiac animals, and body parts.

  • Animal Sounds Quiz Ppt

    Simple 10 question powerpoint about what sounds certain animals make.

  • Food Chain Game

    Students ask and answer questions to find their food chain pair.

  • Find the Pronoun Textbook Race

    Students race to find sentences which use pronouns in their textbook.

  • Is there/ Are there? in ALT's Home Country

    Students practice making is there/ are there questions by asking the ALT what is and isn't in their home country.

  • Is this English? Pt. 1 & 2

    10 T/F question powerpoint on wasei-eigo/ gairaigo

  • Can, Can't Mastermind

    Classic Mastermind game used to practice can or can't.

  • 2 Truths, 1 Lie Can, Can't Activity

    Activity for students to practice using can and can't.

  • American School Life/ Rules Powerpoint

    Powerpoint meant to introduce some aspects of American school life.

  • Negative Be Verb/ Do Verb Writing Race

    Students differentiate between negated be verbs and do verbs in a writing race

  • School Subjects Art

    Set of 14 pictures for common school subjects in Japan.

  • New Horizon Elementary Unit Cards

    End of unit project cards designed as an alternative to those provided in the textbook

  • American School Lunch Powerpoint Quiz

    PPT with quiz to introduce American school lunches

  • Easter Powerpoint Quiz

    A powerpoint introducing Easter in the US fit with a few quiz questions.

  • Past Tense 2 Truths and a Lie

    Review past tense and was/were through the game two truths and a lie

  • New Horizon 5 & 6 Unit Writing Sheets

    Sheets to organize writing, their textbooks cards, etc per unit for the New Horizon elementary textbooks.

  • New Year's Around the World Powerpoint

    Powerpoint quiz about seven countries' New Year's traditions

  • Comparatives/ Superlatives Cards

    Set of 48 cards using comparatives and superlatives.