Murder Mystery

Students will work as teams to uncover who killed Mr. Nobody communicating with speech only.

I figured it was time to add something here since I use this website so often! I just did this activity with my advanced 2nd years and they really enjoyed it! It was inspired by an activity my predecessor had done!

-The powerpoint which sets the tone and goes over the rules.
-Clue cards which are cut into little strips.
-the worksheet (I made this double sided. On one side, it has the information of the suspects plus the possible answers for the place, time, weapon. On the other side, it has a place to take notes and a place to put their answers.)

Warm Up:
The powerpoint starts with a "Speed Interview" warm up where I had them ask each other as many questions as possible within 1 minute. I used the topics "Food" and "Weekend Plans" but you can do whatever you like!

Split the class into groups of 4-6. Give each student a worksheet. Give the group the clue cards. Have them distribute the cards among the team without looking at them yet.
Next, I went through the powerpoint which shows all of the possible answers (I did this to make sure they knew the vocabulary I used)

The rules:
-They can look a their own clues, but not their teammates' clues. The only way they can give information is by talking or reading the cards out loud.
-Using the information on the worksheet and the clue cards, they have to find the murderer, time, place, and weapon.
-When they think they have the answers, one person from their team brings the sheet to the ALT or JTE to check.

For my class I had a winning team (I congratulated them etc.), but I also let all of the other groups figure it out on their won.

If there is still time in class you can use the last part of the powerpoint:
It is just a prompt for creative writing. When the teams figured out all of the information, I had them write a sentence or two about what they thought happened or why Mr. Nobody was killed. There were some creative sentences!

The WS and cards are on one file. I also have an answer key on that file too.
I made this specifically for High School, but I'm sure you can change the language to make it easier or harder. I also focused mainly on the speaking aspect, but it involves listening, reading, writing too.
One of the clues has my school on it so you will have to change that one. You can also change the clues to a different scenario. It's up to you!

Small files
  • MurderMysteryWSandCards.docx (25.8 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • MurderMysteryActivity.pptx (3.77 MB)
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    Submitted by Breezybird December 9, 2022 Estimated time: 35-50 minutes
    1. tinathetank December 12, 2022

      Great choice on the character names and descriptions!

    2. Breezybird December 12, 2022

      @tinathetank Thank you! I actually had this as a Stranger Things activity, but it was too difficult so I changed it to what it is now. The character names are remnants from that I think.

    3. Mendoza December 23, 2022

      This looks very cool, looking forward to trying it out.

    4. Dabr2307 January 17, 2023

      This was awesome! Tried it out with my advanced HS student class of 3 and they had a blast.

    5. cumguzzlr666 February 2, 2023

      Incredible! Loved it!

      Note: I changed the clue "_____ High School does not have this place" to fit my school name. (my school does not have a pool)

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