One Piece Battleship JAM Collection

Useful for different unit lessons and grades to be used on JAMBOARD.

Inspired by NaganoSarah's post.

Save them as images (they're already grouped objects and can still be edited) and upload them as a background on a jamboard based on the unit in question. (If available in this PPT)


The powerpoint has different slides for different lessons, organized by grade and unit lessons.
Add the boat image as an interactive object.

I personally use two slides in the jamboard, one for the student and another for their partner. Make sure to create an assignment so each student has their own copy rather than simply sharing on the classroom.

(P.S. I have added more slides for 1st and 3rd graders)

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    Submitted by fukutanisan January 12, 2023 Estimated time: Minimum 10 minutes
    Inspired by One Piece Battleship
    1. hotokeki January 13, 2023

      This has such a clean look! I completely agree on saving as much paper as possible! xD Will there be a third year version in the future? Thanks for sharing!

    2. fukutanisan January 16, 2023

      There most definitely will, I haven't had the time to make examples yet, there are some on my football jam ^^"

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