Jeopardy Mario Game 3rd-6th grade

Review game for end of semester/year from 3rd-6th grade!

My JTE created this powerpoint awhile back and I've liked it so much, I asked her to send it to me so I can use it with my 3rd and 4th grade classes! I have also used this with 5th and 6th graders and it just seems to work very well in general with ES. I'm not sure about JHS, but you can give it a try as well!

This powerpoint is extremely interactive and it's super flexible, you can change the questions and topics in whichever way you like!

Make sure to not arrange/add more slides, do not use on a tablet but an actual PC as it will cause the powerpoint to stop working properly. The file also ONLY works as a powerpoint and not Google Slides so If you want to edit it, you might have to get a device that has powerpoint, unfortunately.

The powerpoint is very straightforward, and I included three versions! 3rd and 4th grade have instructions in Japanese as their level of English is not that advanced yet, but I've included the original powerpoint as a template that has the English instructions as well so you can use it with your more advanced classes!

How it works:
-Separate them into groups of 5-6!
-Instructions (Japanese or English)
- Jeopardy page (The topics are displayed and all the triangles are able to be clicked on! Once you've clicked on the triangle under each number, it will take you to a random question that follows the topic.)
- Question is displayed first and then you have to click on the bottom to display the correct answer (DO NOT CLICK AGAIN OR IT WILL GO TO THE NEXT SLIDE)
- If they answer correctly, you click Mario (on the right) and if they're wrong, you click Luigi (on the left!!!)
- A wrong answer takes you directly back to the choosing page, and the right answer takes you to a prize that was listed in the instructions (usually coins or an item)
- Once the item/coins have been get, click on the image on the bottom right and it should take you back to the choosing page
- The triangle that was chosen should be gone now (whether they answered correctly or wrong)
- Repeat this until all triangles have disappeared
- While you're playing this, make sure to keep track of the points on the board!

The questions for 3rd and 4th grade was created by me and are catered towards Unit 1-7. The original English template includes content created by my JTE and are catered towards 5th-6th grade classes. Please note that most of the content on the English template was not created by me, and it is meant to serve as a template for you to change and alter as you please. I've also erased content that would dox names and locations, so if there's grammatical errors and are awkward in some places, it's simply to serve as placeholder text. For easy use, if you change the names/locations questions that apply to your school and prefecture, you can use the template powerpoint as is for 5th/6th grade!


Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Mario quiz for 4th Graders.pptx (24.1 MB)
  • Mario quiz 3rd graders.pptx (21.7 MB)
  • Mario quiz English Template.pptx (17.3 MB)
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    Submitted by larissayu12 January 27, 2023 Estimated time: entire 45 minute period
    1. nZagreb January 30, 2023

      My job would be easier if I had a JTE like yours. Thanks for sharing!

    2. tommie January 30, 2023

      I'm not sure if you were limited by the textbook you're using for class, but there are many grammatical errors in this powerpoint, at least in the English version. I had to make a few edits for my special needs class.

    3. larissayu12 January 30, 2023

      Just a headsup, but I didn't create most of the content on the English version as I only used the format that was provided, all the information/questions and answers was created by the JTE. When I uploaded the powerpoint, I simply deleted information that would dox names and locations of people. Thank you!

    4. DaninJapan February 24, 2023

      This looks fantastic, thanks. Does anyone happen to have a 5th Grade version? On 6 classes a day usually so it's going to be a scramble to get one done by the time I need it!

    5. DaninJapan February 28, 2023

      One more question... For some reason the triangles aren't disappearing after the question has been clicked on, either with clicking on Mario or Luigi. Any idea what the issue could be? I am using Google Slides rather than Powerpoint, which I suppose could be the issue.

    6. larissayu12 March 2, 2023

      It only works with powerpoint and not on tablet or anywhere else, so keep that in mind! The original is actually for 5/6th graders but I deleted parts of it because my JTE added mystery questions related to my students (questions about teachers in the school and famous food in their prefecture). If you change those parts that apply to your school and your location, you can use the template as is!

    7. Deathstar March 8, 2023

      Many thanks, been using this a ton as the year winds down. Just a suggestion, but I modified the rules a bit so Bowser/Koopa erases all teams' points. This keeps one team from getting super lucky or pulling too far ahead that the other students lose interest.

    8. cascadiatoosaka February 29, 2024

      Thank you this is super helpful!

    9. VinShida March 18, 2024

      This looks like a fun activity. I can't wait to try it out in class.

      I had a question about the "I play the piano" and "I study English" questions. How'd you get the answer with just those as hints?

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