Digital Sugoroku Review (Let's try 1,2)

Fun Sugoroku game to help students remembering what they've learned. I mainly designed it for elementary school grades 3 and 4, but if you change the pictures you could used it for any grade.


Teacher sends the Exel file to all students' PCs. (However, you only need one PC per pair).
Students click on the yellow box written "Enable Contents" or "コンテンツ有効化" (Students might have to click on it twice to enable micro).
After clicking "Enable Contents" students click on the big "SUGOROKU" button.
After clicking the "SUGOROKU" button, students click on the the green and pink "Start" buttons and the buttons will change to Player 1 (Blue) and Player 2 (Red).

How to play:

After picking a color, students play rock, paper, scissors to decide who is going to start the game.
Let's assume that Player 1 won the rock, paper, scissors game. Student clicks on the "number generator" (or you can call it a die) on the top left corner of the screen. It's going to generate a number from 1 to 6.
Let's assume that Player 1 rolled a 3. Student moves 3 steps. Then he or she clicks on the black button in the middle of the screen written "pick a card".
Student chooses a card. Let's say that on card that the student chose is written"1 to 10". Student has to say the numbers from 1 to 10 in English, then click on the picture to close it).
Then Player 2 roll a die and so forth until they get to the goal.

If you know how to use micro, you might be able to change the pictures on the "pick a card" chart to make it easier or more difficult depending on your class level. Or change all the pictures to different topics to be used in different classes.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Sugoroku Grade 3 Updated.xlsm (1.22 MB)
  • Sugoroku Grade 4 Updated.xlsm (1.37 MB)
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    Submitted by Aurelio Mizukami November 28, 2023 Estimated time: 15 to 20 min.
    1. PrinceA November 29, 2023

      Very nice, Thank you

    2. Aurelio Mizukami November 29, 2023

      You're welcome @PrinceA.

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