How to use the conjunction BECAUSE

Slide 1: Intro
Slide 2:B rief description of how to use BECAUSE
Slide 3 - 7: Examples of how BECAUSE is used.
Slide 8: Small talk with students.
Slides 9 - 12: More examples with the question WHY...?
Slide 13: Funny Quiz (Reveal the funny answers after a few students try to answer)
Slides 14 - 15: Flight to Greece
Slides 16 - 23: Pandor's Box (Students will listen and read along to the story)
Slides 24 - 25: Worksheet (word doc. attached, please print). Reveal the answers after a few students try to answer question #1, question #2 can be a class, individual or group discussion and/or presentation.
Slide 26: Outro

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    Submitted by klstoujour December 5, 2023 Estimated time: 20 - 30 minutes
    1. ameykk123 January 15, 2024

      You may want to correct the slide number 12, it says "why is does baby cry?", I may want to remove "is" from the sentence!
      Good work!!

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