Karuta: Can Convo

Different ways of playing karuta games

Everyone starts with their hands on their knees or behind their back.
Keep things interesting when there is only a couple of cards remaining by saying words not in the remaining cards, but tell the students you are going to do this, damasu.
Use various objects to slap the cards instead of the conventional hand -- fly swatters, piko-piko hammers, etc.

This activity uses the 'Can 01' cards located above. There are two versions of each card in the attachment. One is the normal picture (represents 'can') and one have a red circle over it (represents can't).
After splitting the students into small groups, I usually go for groups of 3-4, get them to spread out the cards on the table.
Ask the HRT, "Sensei, can you play the piano?" Instruct the HRT to answer, "Yes, I can/No I can't."
Students slap the corresponding card. They have to listen carefully to the HRT's reply in order to slap the correct one of the two cards.
Some variations include: 1.) Claping two times before they slap the card, 2.) Have them put their hands on their head when there are only a few cards left, and 3.) They keep using one's that have already been picked up so they have to listen for the remaining vocabulary.
I used thes same activity with my JTE in grade 2 JHS. I would ask him questions involving the actions on the cards. If he replied with a positive sentence, the kids would slap the positive card. If he replied with a negative sentence, the kids would slap the negative card. For example:
"Mr Y, do you want to play soccer?"
"No I don't" (students slap the card with the red circle.)

Submitted by Englipedia Classics July 11, 2018 Estimated time: 15-50 min
  1. Jake W July 26, 2018

    Was there supposed to be an attachment on this one?

  2. Jprusak November 15, 2018

    This looks like an awesome activity. However, It says that there should be an attachment for the Karuta cards, and I can't seem to find them anywhere. Can you try reposting them?

  3. kmx2600 December 3, 2021

    still no attachments? any update on this lesson Admin :(
    This would be great game during lunch with the students :(

  4. Jake the Admin December 6, 2021

    Sorry about that. I think I've dug the correct file out of the archive now and attached it.

  5. kmx2600 December 6, 2021

    Thank you! :D you the real hero :3

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