Blue Sky 2

Junior High School second-year.



  1. 8

    There are many picture books in your room.

    There is/are
  2. 10

    When he finds hungry people, he gives a part of his face.

    When conjunction
  3. 12

    They were singing the song when it came on the radio.

    Past Continuous
  4. 14

    A True Hero

    Blue Sky
  5. 18

    It's next to the post office.

  6. 20

    It will be sunny soon.

    Future (will)
  7. 22

    I am going to visit Hawaii next month.

    Future (going to)
  8. 24

    You must follow the local rules.

    Must/Have to
  9. 26

    The Maori in New Zealand

    Blue Sky
  10. 30

    We have to prepare for the trip.

    Must/Have to
  11. 32

    If I'm cooking, I'll turn off the stove.

  12. 34

    I need a flashlight because we may have a blackout.

    Why and Because
  13. 36

    I think (that) the fire drill is important.

    Declarative Content Clause
  14. 38

    Emergency Parks

    Blue Sky
  15. 44

    I have a headache.

    Injuries and Ailments
  16. 45

    The Weather Report

  17. 50

    I enjoy playing the sax.

  18. 52

    My dream is to be a doctor.

    Infinitive (Adjectival)
  19. 54

    It is important for me to practice writing.

    Infinitive (It… for… to…)
  20. 56

    Sign Language Robot

    Blue Sky
  21. 58

    Write about your future dreams

    Dreams and The Future
  22. 60

    I would like Lunch A.

    Shopping and Dining
  23. 62

    They hold the festival to pray for a good harvest.

    Infinitive (Adverbial)
  24. 64

    I was excited to see the festival.

    Infinitive (Adverbial)
  25. 66

    Songkran is a festival to celebrate Thai New Year's Day.

    Infinitive (Adverbial)
  26. 68

    Nagaoka Fireworks

    Blue Sky
  27. 72

    Could I have another blanket, please?

  28. 74

    Sea otters look shy.

    Copula Verb
  29. 76

    Bees give us honey.

    Subject Verb Object Object
  30. 78

    We call it a sea angel.

    Subject Verb Object Complement
  31. 80


    Blue Sky
  32. 82

    Introduce an animal

  33. 86

    Which bus goes to Sakura Zoo?

  34. 92

    Canada is larger than the USA.

    Comparative (-er)
  35. 92

    Russia is the largest in the world.

    Superlative (-est)
  36. 94

    The USA is the most popular place to visit.

    Superlative (most + adjective)
  37. 94

    Asian countries are more popular than European countries.

    Comparative (more + adjective)
  38. 96

    People in Singapore live as long as people in Australia.

    Comparative (as ~ as)
  39. 98

    Popular Sports in New Zealand

    Blue Sky
  40. 102

    It's too small.

    Unlisted Grammar
  41. 104

    The restaurant is loved by many people.

    Passive voice
  42. 106

    Is English spoken in Morocco?

    Passive voice
  43. 108

    Many remains of ancient Rome can be seen here.

    Passive voice
  44. 110

    Save Elephants in Kenya

    Blue Sky
  45. 112

    What do you want to do overseas?

    Dreams and The Future
  46. 116

    Would you like to go to a movie with me next Sunday?

  47. 118

    Give your opinion

  48. 120

    The Zoo

    Blue Sky

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