Textbook Treasure Hunt (Sunshine 3)

Textbook treasure hunt activity to review grammar and content from Sunshine 3, Programs 1 through 7.

This activity is specifically intended for reviewing Programs 1 through 7 of the Sunshine 3 textbook (usually used by JHS third graders).

Students work in pairs (or a trio if there is an odd number in the class). They will conduct a treasure their textbook. All the answers are in the Basic Dialogs, longer passages/dialogs, and Power Up programs. Once a pair of students has filled every blank on their sheets, they bring it to the JTE or ALT to be marked. If they complete the treasure hunt perfectly they can choose a 'treasure' from the 'treasure chest.' New pencils, pencil caps, and erasers make nice little 'treasures.'

Each pair (or trio) of students needs to have one of each sheet in the treasure hunt handout. Print them on separate sheets of paper to allow each team member to work simultaneously.

When marking the students' sheet, simply mark "correct" or "incorrect" for each word and send them away if they need to make corrections. There is a small extra challenge: Question 18 is actually from Program 8, but it still uses the relative pronoun.

This activity can be very exciting. So far, only a few pairs of students in each class have finished perfectly in time.

Preferably, go through the treasure hunt together at the end of the lesson to explain the answers. Otherwise, go through the answers in the next lesson or collect the sheets and mark them yourself.

Submitted by Keith Miyazaki November 25, 2020 Estimated time: 25 minutes

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