Minecraft Diamond Quest💎⛏(Sentence Practice Game)

A quick game that can be played as a warm up or end-of-class activity where the students play in teams in hopes of finding diamond by making sentences.

UPDATE: 25/7/2023
- Fixed some typos
- Updated notes in PPT
- Removed some animations to save time explaining
- Added a slide to show what it would look like in class

Link to download PPT (over 40mb):

  • No seat or desk arrangement needed
  • No materials required (if you want point cards, please see the attached files below)
  • Little to no prep is required

For detailed notes on how to play this game, it's all included in the notes section (PPTX file).

- Play in rows
- [OPTIONAL] Have students decide the order in their team (give them about 30 secs). If you want to go straight into it, skip this.
- Go through the table together with the class, have them repeat after you
- [OPTIONAL] To further deepen their understanding on the grammar they’re reviewing, check the Japanese meaning with the class. You can ask the JTE to help you.
- Start with Team #1 to choose a block. They must say the sentence. After they have said the sentence, everyone will repeat after them.
Note: If they’re being indecisive or they feel too much pressure, assist them by pointing out the blocks on the screen. Make sure you say the sentences slowly too. You can also tell the students near them to help them make a sentence.
- Click on the block to see what they get.
- In the last 5 minutes or so, I normally do a lightning round where the class doesn’t repeat after a student. That way, they can get through many blocks.
That's it! :)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Submitted by unoplusunoistu July 20, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes
  1. chiikawa July 21, 2023

    Oh my gosh this looks great!! My students were (literally) begging me to find a minecraft game for them and this is perfect!

  2. unoplusunoistu July 24, 2023

    @Chiikawa Thank you! Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you have any. :)

  3. Agenius5 July 25, 2023

    This is great! impressive work you put into making this game.

  4. unoplusunoistu July 26, 2023

    @Agenius5 Thank you! 🥹

  5. Samu T August 21, 2023

    お疲れ様です。You worked hard for this one...Thank you for KEIA keeping English interesting again :)
    Great job!

  6. Danakco September 4, 2023

    Thsi is incredible!! Excellent work!

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