4nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

Review typhoon game for many grammar points in Elementary School English lessons - 3rd and 4th grade questions.

This game is inspired by from Englipedia Archive. You can find the directions for its use there.

I split the class into 3 to 6 person groups depending on the number of students, and give each group a funny team name and write it on the blackboard. I use the blackboard to keep track of points. Then, I explain the rules of the game using the first few slides before starting the game.

This activity might help you fill a whole class time up, as we are approaching the end of the school year and a lot of classes may have already finished their textbook activities.

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    Submitted by Reiji February 13, 2024 Estimated time: 40 - 50 mins
    1. kusobaba February 14, 2024

      Great! Thanks for sharing it.

    2. stephanie February 14, 2024

      This is great! I was just wondering if there is an option if the student won't be able to answer. I can only see Mario which will give points but there's no button to go back home if the answer is incorrect.

    3. Reiji February 15, 2024

      @stephanie I usually just let the team try again if they are incorrect. Or, you could let the next team get a chance to steal the points too. However works best for you! I usually let the same team try again so the kids don`t get upset with themselves, or I give them hints if they struggle.

    4. Menyin Ndah February 15, 2024

      thank you for this I was running out of ideas to do in my special need class..
      at the end we had some free time and we played bingo game

    5. Christopher Thorson February 16, 2024

      Great! Are you making one for 3nensei too? :-)

    6. Reiji February 19, 2024

      @Christopher Thorson I have some free time at school today so I can work on one. Be on the lookout for it!

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