3nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

Review typhoon game for many grammar points in Elementary School English lessons - 3rd grade questions.

This game is inspired by from Englipedia Archive. You can find the directions for its use there.

I split the class into 3 to 6 person groups depending on the number of students, and give each group a funny team name and write it on the blackboard. I use the blackboard to keep track of points. Then, I explain the rules of the game using the first few slides before starting the game.

This activity might help you fill a whole class time up, as we are approaching the end of the school year and a lot of classes may have already finished their textbook activities.

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    Submitted by Reiji February 19, 2024 Estimated time: 40 - 50 mins
    1. juliejuls March 9, 2024


    2. smikan March 19, 2024

      My kids loved this, TYSM!!!!

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