NH2 - U1 - Going to ~ pick your own adventure.

Pick your own adventure ppt with the focus on "going to".

I made this for the second year JHS students to practice reading, and speaking.

They have to click on the arrows to pick what direction to do / to decide what to do. Each choice they make will lead to a result of either + / - or no change in the number of points they have. I've done this with the kids going through it individually on their tablets and in teams, collectively deciding what direction to go. When we do it in teams, the team with the most points at the end wins a sticker. This is of course optional.

To go to the next screen they`ll need to click the blue button in the bottom right corner.

***References you might want to change:

Arukuma - I am based in Nagano and he is the prefectural mascot. He is the best.
Kumamon - I dont like him hence why if you see him you loose points. You can change this to a villan of your choice.
Mr Blobby - This is, I guess the equivelant of a UK mascot. He is terrifying, but the kids think hes great. (I am british, and I told the students about him before and how scary he is - hence why he is in there)

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    Submitted by holdonwaitohno April 17, 2024 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes
    1. Kathy Zhang April 18, 2024

      This is so well made! I think I'll try it for my classes next week- thanks! :)

    2. Aleiobot May 9, 2024

      This is a really cool idea, and well-made powerpoint! Are you just playing the powerpoint on the class TV monitor? If so, I don't understand how the students get points individually or in teams?

    3. holdonwaitohno May 10, 2024

      I have super tiny classes so I usually split them in half so theres maybe 5 / 6 students and then they decide between them the order in which they answer so everyone gets to join in, then we add up the points on the board. You could also do it in pairs and they just keep track of their own points too.

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