Candy Jar Quiz (how many)

(social-distancing-friendly) Students compete to correctly guess how many pieces of candy are in a jar using a PowerPoint.
This activity was inspired by:

I wanted to make a social distancing version of my Guess How Many activity.

Materials: a computer, projector/screen, handouts, a timer

How to play:
- Hand each student the sheet below with the letters A, B, C, and D on it. They'll use this for showing their answer.
- Divide the class into teams by rows. I recommend doing 2 or 3 teams, depending on how many students are in the class (34 students - 2 teams of 17, 33 students - 3 teams of 11, etc.) You'll need to have the same number of students on each team. Include the JTE if need be.
- Show each jar for about 5 seconds before hitting the enter button to cover it up. Hit enter again to reveal their ABCD options to choose from.
- The students hold up their cards, and you secretly record how many students on each team correctly answered.
- Hit enter again. "How many pieces of candy do you have?" appears. Have them repeat this after you, and then reveal the answer.
- Every student who held up the right card earns a point for their team. (so one question can potentially award 15+ points to a team)
- The questions get progressively harder, so I allotted more time as the game went on.

Notes on the PowerPoint
- The first part of the PowerPoint is for explaining what "pieces of" means
- The practice portion of the game starts on slide 12
- The actual game starts on slide 15

Source: I took the pictures of the candy jars and the answers from a BuzzFeed quiz called "I Bet You Can't Get Higher Than A 50% On This Guessing Quiz"


2020 s 1 p42 how many ABCD.pdf

2020 s 1 p42 how many ABCD.pptx

2020 s 1 p 42 how many pieces of candy quiz.pptx

Total 3

Estimated time: 25 minutes

Submitted by: rebvandev

July 29, 2020

rebvandev July 30, 2020

Thanks so much!

UonumaRobert July 30, 2020

This is great. It could be followed up with a reading activity where they read passages and fill in pictures on a worksheet with the correct number and types of pieces. Writing as well.

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