Silent Hills: Haunted House Adventure

A super spooky point and click adventure game where students find 3 clues to help them beat the final boss - the Eiken test!

Update 07/10/2022:

Fixed a few issues:
1. Added holding slides before the final Quiz to ensure that animations and sounds play properly after death
2. Text links can sometimes default to the blue colour, when combined with white trigger text can give away the answers. This should be fixed.
3. Added more navigation options to the main hallway, as well as more accessible points to the radio clue.
4. Added a mini-jumpscare to the 'look up' slide.
5. UI on the radio automatically disappears after 15 seconds to prevent students navigating away from the correct answer at the last minute.
6. Added the True Type font file to support the text that's written on the walls.
7. Made all of Lisa's text red, added visual cues for time limit in hallways.
8. added holding slide to phone death to allow repetition of phone call effects.
9. converted all pngs to jpegs to reduce file size by 40mb.


This is a point and click adventure horror game based on Hideo Kojima’s Playable Teaser from 2014.

The ultimate goal of this game is to escape from the house. The students must read the hints, solve the puzzles to receive 3 Eiken test materials, and use those materials to complete the quiz by dialing the ghost's phone number.

While the original game is no longer available on the Playstation Store, you can download a fan remake in Unreal Engine 4 where the majority of the screenshots for backgrounds were taken here:,

Either you can dedicate one or two lessons to playing this game; or you can boot it up for 10 minutes over multiple lessons as a warm up.

How to play:

Teacher presents in front of the class. The students must read the blue text to the teacher, and when you are satisfied their reading is clear, click the option they choose. Do not use the scrollwheel, that will break the slide order. Only use the text links or triggers on the page. For large classes, I have a baton or a ball that gives each student the opportunity to perform an action. I make a competition between classes to solve the game in as few actions as possible.

I've included a video walkthrough to show you how to win the game (old so some updates may not be reflected in the video):

When you encounter the Quest items, make sure you give the students a few copies of the included materials. Allow them to use their chromebooks or dictionaries to decipher the questions. The class must work as a team to figure this out.

Make sure to install the included font file for the wall text to show up properly.

When you are finished, if you know about the history of P.T, then you can show the students some funny reaction videos of the original game:

As well as tell them about the history of this game and what makes it so special:

Small files
  • CRAZK___.TTF (52.7 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Quest item 1 of 3 - Lisa.png (1.22 MB)
  • Quest item 2 of 3 - Photo.png (1.07 MB)
  • Quest item 3 of 3 - David.png (1.24 MB)
  • Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • Episode 1 100mb.pptx (106 MB)
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    Submitted by Beestonian February 16, 2022 Estimated time: Whole lesson, multiple lesson warm-ups
    1. UonumaRobert February 17, 2022

      How does the class decide what choices to make? Do you put them in groups and have groups pick their option to a teacher? Or hands up for each option? Then go with the most popular one?

    2. HTemple February 17, 2022

      This is super awesome! Did any of your students complain about font size? Mine always squint and strain if I use anything smaller than 80. I loved this demo and its a shame it never came to completion. Thanks for the heads up about the unreal version! :D Not sure if I can use this though. I use WPS presentation for my slides and the videos all broke! Maybe I can get powerpoint someday.

    3. Beestonian February 17, 2022

      I use the first clearly spoken sentence that I hear. The students can decide whether they designate a representative or not, but I'm just a robot - I react to spoken words.

    4. GaeilgeAmee March 2, 2022

      This is incredible! I've been thinking about trying to make a FNAF based game and some of the mechanics you used here are so helpful! Have showed this to a JTE cause I also have a class who love horror games and we're both so excited to use it! Awesome work!

    5. Beestonian March 8, 2022

      Thanks Amee! One of the big limitations of powerpoint is that it's difficult to hold variables that track the student's progress - so a big way to solve it is checkpoints where students get physical items from the teacher which can be 'redeemed' later for progression. I was thinking of a valentine's day narrative next :)

    6. GaeilgeAmee March 10, 2022

      Yeah that's very true! I might think of using something like that when I'm designing this one. It's taking time to learn what mechanics will/won't work, so seeing ones like this that work really well is so helpful. Nothing more frustrating than when a game or activity works in your head and then won't physically work!

    7. sgtalt October 31, 2022

      I made an account on here just to tell you how badass of an activity this is. My all four of my JHS 3年生 classes loved it. I put them into groups of four so they could share materials and converse easier. Totally forgot to mention they could use their tablets to help translate, but they had tons of fun trying to figure out the English together. We closed the curtains and shut off the lights when we played, and THAT really took it to the next level. Amazing job by you.

    8. dansdaman October 31, 2022

      I was looking at this for a possible spooky halloween activity. I wanted to see how the first "go to sleep" slide worked/took you to the end. When I hit "start powerpoint from this slide" I got quite the unexpected jumpscare! D:

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