Food Chain Game

A game where students can evolve while practicing certain conversation pieces.

Very similar to Genkienglish's Gokiburi game.(

My JTE asked me to make a game with New Horizon 3 page 32-33 in mind. So I hope others can get some use out of this regarding food chain material activities.

Start of by introducing some new conversation piece, for example "My name is.....", "How are you?" or anything you like really. In my case, I used, "What ingredients does your favorite food have?"

Kids use tablet to write their favorite foods and the ingredients that make them. I tell them not to go into too detail, similar to the powerpoint. I time this portion and gave them about 4-5 minutes.

While the kids are writing out their list, I have the JTE help me hand out the fallen leaves cards. I also begin to draw on the board an "evolution scale"

  1. Everybody starts at the bottom of the scale, i.e. fallen leaves. In the gokiburi game, he has the kids crawling making the action of their card, but knowing my middle schoolers, I just told them to yell (hopefully not too loudly) their level.

  2. The kids form into pairs of 2 leaves.

  3. They Janken to see who asks first.
    *This is where my game deviates from the original. I wanted to combine the idea of the food chain while the kids discuss where food comes from, so instead I tried to have them guess their food instead of evolving based on Janken.

  4. They practice today's conversation piece.
    For example,
    "What ingredients does your favorite food have?"
    "It has rice and fish."

  5. If the asker can guess the right food, they evolve. If they can't guess, then it's their partner's turn to ask, "What about you?"
    *if neither of them can guess right after 3 turns, they can janken to evolve instead.

  6. The winner then moves up one step on the "Evolution Scale" (i.e. fallen leaves become earthworm, earthworm become frogs etc.). The loser moves down on place (e.g. Eagles become snakes, snakes become frogs etc.) Of course fallen leaves can't fall any lower!

  7. They then find a partner that is the same animal as they have become. (i.e. a earthworm does the conversation with another earthworm, a snake with a snake etc. but a leaf with, say, a frog is not allowed!)

  8. With their new partner they repeat steps 4,5 and 6 until they reach "Eagle". "Eagles" have to practice the conversation and then janken with the teacher. If they win they then become "god", have won the game and can sit down!!

The kids play this game in Japanese in kindergarten so are familiar with it. It allows the teacher to practice individually with the kids and for the kids to get lots of practice with their friends. The only thing to watch out for is cheating - make sure they do the conversation and not just the janken! Also if they speak Japanese then demote them down one step!

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    Submitted by hotokeki July 18, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 mins

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