Let's Try 1, Units 1-9, Vocab, Blooket

Blooket study sets to be used as in-class game activities or assigned as at-home review. Each set covers the vocab learned or reviewed in that unit. You can use any of the Blooket games with these!

Follow these links to the public version of each blooket set. You can then host any of nearly 20 games using that vocab or assign it as homework using a QR code, an ID code, or a hyperlink. If you haven't used Blooket before I recommend starting out with the Classic or the Race games- they're super easy to explain and understand.

I've included games where the English answer is in Katakana to be used for early units as the kids get a grasp of reading and alternative versions where the English answer is entirely in uppercase. There are versions of each game which cover exclusively that unit's relevant vocab and a cumulative version which will include all previously studied vocab.

Here is a google doc with all of these hyperlinked and easily accessible, feel free to save it for a pinch!

Please message me if you have any questions or find mistakes, happy gaming!

Let’s Try 1 U1 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U2 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U3 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U4 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U5 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U6 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U7 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U8 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U9 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U2 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U3 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U4 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U5 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U6 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U7 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U8 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U9 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U1-2 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1-3 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1-4 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1-5 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1-6 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1-7 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1-8 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1-9 カタカナ

Let’s Try 1 U1-2 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U1-3 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U1-4 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U1-5 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U1-6 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U1-7 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U1-8 Uppercase

Let’s Try 1 U1-9 Uppercase

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