Jeopardy Review (E.S. Grades 3 and 4)

A fun game to help elementary school grades 3 and 4 to review some vocabulary that they've learned from the Let's Try 1 and 2 textbooks.

Directions: (Before the game, a little bit of prep is required)

Prep: Make small cards about 15cm X 15cm with numbers from 1 to 10, depending on the number of "Han Groups" in each class.
Either use card board paper and a marker to write the numbers, or make them on a computer and laminate them as you wish.
Put a small sticker magnet on the back of each card.
Each number represents the number of their "Han Group". Ex: 1班2班 etc...
Give each "Han" one card.

Next prep: Teacher draws a grid on the board to keep track of their points.
Additional prep: The students will use the cards with a magnet to choose pictures. If your schools use a projector screen that is placed on top of the blackboard, you can just tell the students to place their cards straight on the screen, on top of the image that they will choose. But if your schools use TVs, in this case you will have to create another grid (3 boxes on top and 3 boxes on the botton) on the blackboard to keep track of the images they will choose.

Next step:
After everything is set, the teacher opens the file and displays it on the big screen.
To open the file you might have to click on "Enable Editing" and "Enable Contents" to allow the program to run. In Japanese they're called "編集を有効にする(E)" and "コンテンツ有効化". (They're the yellow bars that pops up when you open the file for the first time).

How to play:
First, the teacher will open the file and displays it on the big screen.
When the teacher clicks on "LAUNCHER" a big board with letters from A to Z and numbers from 1 to 20 is going to be displayed on the screen.
The teacher asks a student to pick either a letter or a number.
Ex: Student chooses the letter A.
The teacher clicks on the letter A and another big board with 6 pictures of feeling is going to be displayed on the screen.
Ex: Happy, Sad, Sleepy, Hungry, Fine and Tired.
Students will discuss in group which picture they want to place their card on.
After discussing, each group representative will come to the front of the board and place their number card on the picture they've chosen.
After choosing their pictures and placing their cards on the board, the teacher will click on top of each picture to reveal the points.
Behind each picture there are points hidden. It could be either, 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 or 10 points placed randomly.
Write their points on the grid.
After that, choose another letter or number and keep going.
The group with the most points by the end of the game is the winning group.

What to do if a Rock, Paper, Scissors picture shows up?
In that case, what I would do is, ask the students to discuss in group and decide if they want to pick Rock, Paper or Scissors.
After discussing in group they will place their card on top of one of these options.
Then they will say all together "Rock, Paper, Scissors, 1,2,3. After that the teacher will click on the picture to reveal what picture is behind it. (it's like playing Rock, Paper, Scissors against the computer).
If they win they get 10 poins, if they draw they get 5 points, and if they lose they get only 1 point. (or you could give them 20 or 30 points to the winners to make it more exciting as you feel fit).

Obs: The reason why I chose only + numbers is that elementary school students grades 3 and 4 tend to get upset or even cry if they lose points, so to avoid making them upset or even cry I decided to put only + numbers. The game is not as exciting as the original jeopardy with the swaps, and losing and gaining points, but it is still enjoyable.

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    Submitted by Aurelio Mizukami January 26, 2024 Estimated time: 30 to 45 min.

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