Scene It Memory Game (Winter Movies)

Watch the video and answer questions!

Details and Background:
This was a PowerPoint Scene It game that was EXTREMELY popular with my kids. It can go well beyond 45 minutes, but you can declare a winner at any point. My class usually only watches 3-4 videos out of the 9. It's based off the 90's/00's American board game and is really popular to play in Korea when you need a good time filler for most/an entire class period.

Age Group:
While I made it for my elementary schoolers, I think it could also be used as a exciting time filler for middle school or low level high schoolers leading up to winter break.

Watch the Japanese dubbed/subbed videos (approx. 1-2 min), answer multiple choice questions with your team for points. Team with the most points at the end wins~

- Whiteboards, markers, erasers for all teams.
- Blackboard or somewhere for ALT to keep score
- TV + HDMI + PowerPoint displayed laptop

Movie/Clips in this PPT:
-The Nightmare Before Christmas
-A Boy Named Christmas
-Santa Clauses
-Olaf's Frozen Adventure
-Olaf's "In Summer"
-Rise of the Guardians
-Grinch (2019)

How to Play:
1) Split the class into teams, max 8 teams. (I found that 4-6 teams is the best)

2) Give out whiteboards and stuff each team needs. Fire-up the PowerPoint and lay down the game's basics.

3) Go to the "Videos" part of the PowerPoint. Teams will choose an igloo number for a movie clip. Click the igloo the kids want to be hyperlinked to the video. Watch the clip in full.

4) After the clip, you'll be directed to 5 christmas stockings. Clicking on any of these will send you to a question.

5) Have teams write their answers on their whiteboards. Countdown, then reveal the answer to the question.

6) All the teams who answered correctly get to pick 1 prize from the next "Prize" slide. Click on any of the snowman icons to reveal points. (There are only 8 snowman prize items to choose from, hence why there are a maximum of 8 teams). Keep track of points on a blackboard so everyone can see.

6) Go back to the Christmas stocking question slide to select more questions related to the movie clip. Click the igloo icon to go back to select a new movie!

6) You could have your kids answer a couple questions per movie and then go back to the movie selection (igloo page) and watch a different movie. This would let you to watch more videos per class period.

Extra Info:
- The videos in the PowerPoint are also on YouTube.
- If the internet's down, the embedded videos make sure the game goes on smoothly.
- !!! There are multiple fonts used in this PowerPoint that do not automatically come with Microsoft. So PLEASE "install" the fonts before you open the file. Otherwise it might look a bit wack.
-This is a chunky game file (1.2GB) because there are 9 embeded videos.

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    Submitted by CarpenterBee March 15, 2024 Estimated time: 30+ minutes
    1. JohnPadua March 15, 2024

      thank you!

    2. Bonjure289 March 18, 2024

      Haha wow, this is insanely difficult, I couldn't answer most of the questions correctly myself haha! But it would be a lot of fun for sure! Thank you so much for making this!

    3. hall1428 March 19, 2024

      Damn this is high quality. Happy St. Patrick's Day lol... Looking forward to using it next winter!

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