Christmas (Jeopardy)

I make a lot of Jeopardy games and this version is the most requested version by my teachers. Enjoy!

Divide the class in 6 groups and give them white board, eraser and pen. Each group can choose a category and difficulty (points). Fastest group to answer will have the whole points and the remaining groups that can answer within 1 minute will have half of the points. Wrong answers=0 points. But I give them a chance to change their answers.

  • I also use it in different year level. Just change the English Japanese sentences.
  • For the Santa Showtime they have to copy the dance steps. The JTE will choose the best performer in order to get points. JTE sometimes choose1-3 students to get the whole points and the rest can have half points.
  • On the first round, tell your students to choose 2 or 4 points. Because, they`ll surely choose 10 points immediately.
  • On music category for 3rd graders, just delete the choices. They`re already familiar with those words.


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    Submitted by Kirstine Ann December 15, 2022 Estimated time: 45-50 mins
    1. cjaneytube December 16, 2022

      I also made a Christmas Jeopardy, but I haven’t thought about the “Showtime” category! I’ll add that to mine I can’t wait ♥️

    2. yayosanni December 20, 2022

      This is awesome! I'll be using it for my 3rd graders. Just an FYI, on slide 28 the options are Russia, Africa and India. As an African myself, I feel you should maybe change it to a specific country in Africa. All African countries have their own diverse cultures!

    3. Daryl_Jay December 23, 2022

      The showtime and music categories put a fun twist to this game. This is super interesting! Thank you for your hard work!

    4. Kirstine Ann January 19, 2023

      @yayosanni thanks for the comment. I`ll change that. Thank you for the info

    5. lihooo December 7, 2023

      The file is too big, is it possible for you to upload the google docs version? I will appreciate it so much! Thank you!

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